Join Us

Mountain Jubilee Chorus is an Affiliate of Sweet Adelines International, a place to grow as a singer, and as a woman, as a leader and as a friend. Find your voice, find yourself and a find a lifelong sisterhood.

We are excited to have you join us!

***The COVID-19 pandemic has altered some of the items below. We are meeting in person again, but wearing face masks during rehearsals. A Zoom option is available for those who are at risk or not feeling well. Our performances are limited, and we are awaiting decisions about Region and International Competitions in 2022.***

We prepare for annual competitions and perform 3-5 times per year. Participants often form quartets for more performance opportunities. 

Here is  what you can expect when you arrive  at your first  rehearsal:

  1. Someone will help you decide which part you will sing and assign you a "riser buddy" who sings the same  part. You can join them on the risers or listen from a chair until you are comfortable.
  2. You will  be provided a guest book of the printed music for you to use at  rehearsal each week. 
  3. A member of the music team will send you recordings of the audition song and the  songs we are currently  working on.  Ask for help  as needed.
  4. When you are ready to audition, notify the music team leader who will schedule a time for the team to stay after rehearsal for your audition.
  5. Audition is a time for support and feedback. If  you have limited background knowledge and experience, support will be provided to help you meet your goals.

Once you are a member of Mountain Jubilee Chorus you will be sent an email with your login information to access the member only portal of this website. (This  can only be shared with members, according to our copyright agreement.) Below are your next steps:

  1. Log into Groupanizer, upload your photo and information.
  2. Review the information on the "dashboard" and locate the music tracks
  3. Download the app Playback Genius on your phone and login to the Mountain Jubilee portal. The app provides easy access to play the  music and sing along. 
  4. Purchase a 3-ring binder and tabs. Print copies of the music from the current repertoire on the website and alphabetize the songs in your binder. Bring your binder every week. You must have your binder with you to pass off songs.
  5. Read these documents from the websitedocument section: How to learn a song from a recording
  6. Review the recent blog posts from the director and the music team leader for their direction on learning the music.
  7. Join Sweet Adelines International and Mountain Jubilee Chorus by paying national and local dues and fees. ($150 every 3 months)

Every week

  1. Read the emails and follow instructions from the director, music team leader and others.
  2. Review information in the Recent News page and the "dashboard" of the website.
  3. Listen to the music regularly. While driving, in the shower or cooking… you may find yourself dancing along.
  4. Practice regularly in a routine that works for you such as 10 minutes a day, or 20 minutes a few times a week. (More time may be needed when learning a new song or if you are new to singing with a chorus.)

Additional information 

  • Each section is assigned a team leader. Ask your team leader for help as needed.
  • You will be assigned a place to stand on the risers. Your riser buddies are also happy to help.
  • You will receive an invoice for dues and fees by email with payment instructions.
  • Costumes are provided on loan and covered by your costume fee. Standardized make-up is part of the costume.

Dues to participate

  • Participants pay $50 monthly to participate. Payments of $150 are made quarterly
  • Dues cover membership in the Sweet Adelines International organization, Region 8 division and MJC operational expenses such as insurance, director fees and coaches. 

Financial Assistance

  • Chorus members may join the riser crew to raise money to pay dues, costuming and travel. Riser crew sets up and takes down risers each week.