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4/4 TIMES MJC Newsletter

Mountain Jubilee has returned to weekly in-person rehearsals on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:50 pm at the Utah School for the Deaf and the Blind (1655 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City).

Our concern for the health and safety of our members is paramount, so we are requiring face masks at rehearsals (see additional guidelines below). The option for Zoom rehearsals is still available for those who are at risk or who are not feeling well.  

This is a great time to join a chorus and we are looking for new members and past members to come sing with us. 

  • Members, please also review the main dashboard for the weekly rehearsal plan.
  • Guests, please also go to the Join Us tab for more information.



Rehearsal Venue:

We are enjoying our new rehearsal location at the Utah School for the Deaf and the Blind at 1655 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City (aka the Jean Masseiu School, if searching Google maps). To reach the main parking lot, drive along the west side of the building, then turn left into the lot with both covered and open parking. Please remember to use only the front doors (the ones facing 3300 South) to enter and exit the building.  The doors will be open from 6:55 to 7:05 pm.  If you arrive after that, text your section leader to let you in. 

Rehearsal Schedule for November-December:

  • ​​​November 16 - Regular rehearsal
  • November 23 - No rehearsal (Thanksgiving)
  • November 30 - MJC Holiday Party! Pot luck and white elephant gift exchange at Kathy Case's house
  • December 7 and 14 - Regular rehearsals
  • December 21 and 28 - No Rehearsal

Upcoming Events:

    • January 7 - Coaching with Paula Davis (tentative)
    • January 21-22 - Region 8 Quartet Workshop and more! (Greeley, Colorado)
    • April 28-May 1 - Region 8 Convention and Competition (Rapid City, South Dakota)
    • September 12-17 - Sweet Adelines International Convention (Phoenix, Arizona)

    Repertoire Review will be starting in January.  This early hour class will be held once a month to work on some of the songs in our repertoire that we do not have time to practice much in regular rehearsal, especially when we are focusing on contest songs.  


    Post-Covid Live Rehearsal Resumption Plan - May 2021

    This document sets forth the elements of the Resumption Plan for Mountain Jubilee Chorus (MJC) returning to live chorus rehearsals.  The MJC Management Team has designed this Plan in consideration of current Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and Sweet Adelines International (SAI) recommendations for post Covid resumption of live chorus rehearsals.

    The elements and expectations within this Resumption Plan are designed with safety of our members as the top priority.  The goal is to provide a safe and fair transition to the gradual restoration of live chorus rehearsals prior to the Covid pandemic. 

    Resumption Plan Elements

    • Location:  Outside rehearsals will take place at the home of Kathy Case.  This is the location until further notice.  Chorus members who do not wish to participate in live rehearsals will be able to join rehearsal via Zoom.
    • Time:  Chorus rehearsal will start at 7pm and end at 8:30 pm.
    • Vaccine:  Members who have been fully vaccinated may attend live rehearsal without wearing a mask.  Members who are not fully vaccinated may attend live rehearsal but are required to wear a mask or singers’ mask.  The singers mask is at the member’s discretion and not provided by MJC.
    • It is also acceptable for members who have been fully vaccinated to wear a mask or singers mask if they so wish.  Important Note: Although the Plan is based on CDC and SAI recommendations, it also requires complete honesty of our members.  The intent is to keep our members safe which also requires individual trust and participation.
    • Sanitizing:  There will be a station available at rehearsal with sanitizer and wipes.  It is the expectation that members will take the responsibility to use the sanitizer and wipes appropriately.
    • Start Date:  Tuesday, June 8, 2021 is the first date of live rehearsal.  Tuesday, June 15, 2021 is the second date of live rehearsal. Tuesday June 22, 2021 is the third date of live rehearsal but is also the date of our annual Installation event.  NOTE:  Please know that members are not required to attend live rehearsals.  Installation and regular rehearsals going forward will be available by Zoom as well.  Live chorus rehearsals will continue outside as outlined unless or until circumstances change.  It is the hope and intent that by fall of 2021 indoor live rehearsals can be made available.

    MJC Member Expectations

    The following are expectations for participation in post-Covid live rehearsals.

    • Do not attend live rehearsal if you have ANY doubts about your health situation.
    • Common symptoms such as sore throat, cough, severe headache, body aches, diarrhea, vomiting and elevated temperature may raise concerns.  Experiencing any of these symptoms individually should be enough to make you stay home.  However, if you experience a combination of symptoms please do not attend live rehearsal and consider being tested for Covid.
    • Do not attend live rehearsal if you have had contact with persons infected with Covid.
    • If you discover you have had contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid AFTER you have attended live rehearsal, or you have symptoms, or test positive for Covid, you MUST contact Tiffany Lowe IMMEDIATELY.  All chorus members will be notified asap.
    • Per SAI Guidelines, we request that you take your temperature just PRIOR to attending live rehearsal.  If you register 99.4 we ask that you do not attend live rehearsal.
    • Please report your Vaccination status to Tiffany Lowe by email asap.  Please also notify Tiffany if you or any of your family members residing with you are immunocompromised.
    • If you have already had Covid (confirmed by a test) and you are willing to take the risk of coming to rehearsal, you may attend live rehearsal unvaccinated.  Unvaccinated members MUST wear a mask.  The MJC management team strongly recommends members get vaccinated for the Covid virus.
    • If determined to be necessary, there will be a Member/ Guest sign in sheet at the live rehearsal in the event contact tracing needs to occur.
    • MJC members are required to sign the liability waiver provided by Sweet Adelines International.


    MJC Leadership

    Director: Jennifer Taylor

    Current board members 

    • Tiffany Lowe - President
    • Julie Andelin - Music Team Leader
    • Lori Zundel - Finance
    • Vivian Dowsett -Visual Coordinator
    • Zina Lemke - Event Manager
    • Shaura Meservy - Membership
    • Sheila Armstrong - Communications
    • Colleen  Anderson - Performance Chair
    • Sherrie Peterson - Secretary

    Music Team Leader - Julie Andelin

    • Lynmari Taylor - Assistant director
    • Brenda Ahleman and Lori Zundel - Lead section leaders
    • Jennifer Klettke - Bari section leader
    • Julie Andelin - Bass section leader
    • Jennifer Taylor - Tenor section leader
    • Pat Kletke - Secretary

    The music team asks all members to take personal responsibility for their performance by establishing a daily practice routine to keep in good voice and stay updated on changes to the current songs.