Member Announcements

4/4 TIMES MJC Newsletter

Announcements for Members:

Members, please also review the main dashboard to review blog posts from the director and the music team leader. Guests please go to the Join Us tab for more information.

  • January 14 Chorus was cancelled because of the snow storm. Please put in extra practice time. 
  • January 21-Diva Night to recruit members!! Invite your friends to join us!! 
  • Singing Valentines- February  14th. Sell singing valentines to your friends, family, associates and colleagues. Join a quartet. Quartets will pass off two songs with music team before chorus on February 4. 
  • February 25 Coaching with Adam Scott 
  • Apeil 2-4 Sweet Adeline Regional Competition in South Dakota - We have a block of rooms arranged at the conference hotel. Choose roommates, make carpools or flight arrangements. It is time to get plans in place.

New Year's resolution and goal for 2020- The management team is encouraging all members to take personal responsibility for their performance by establishing a daily practice routine to keep in good voice and stay updated on changes to the current songs.

Each member can sign up for a PVI Personal Voice Instruction with Jennifer. How lucky is that?

Music Team will be having everyone do a second round of pass-offs on both contest songs in January. This will be via recording and needs to be completed by mid-February to be eligible to compete. Music Team will also be requiring anyone who doesn't maintain the attendance standards to do a singing evaluation of both contest songs with music team in order to be eligible to compete.